Saturday, February 1, 2014

" an instant five masked and armed men were at his bedside."

The microfilmed copies of historic newspapers, or those found online as this one was, are sometimes difficult to read.

Here is a transcription of the entire article of the December 1876 burglary near Waterford.

“Masked Burglars Again

            Another masked burglary near Waterford, Monday night, appears to confirm the general belief that one or more gangs of masked burglars are and have been for months pursuing their nefarious calling in Saratoga county. This is the fifth case which as occurred in the past three weeks. About midnight of Monday, Mr. Henry Gillette, residing two miles northwest of Waterford, was awakened by the loud barking of his dog, and immediately thereafter the front door of his residence was burst open and in an instant five masked and armed men were at his bedside. Pistols were presented at the head of Mr. and Mrs. Gillette, with orders for them to keep quiet. They were securely bound and gagged after which the outlaws went to the room of Mr. Gillette’s son who was similarly treated. The premises were then thoroughly searched, chests, bureau, trunks and closets being broken open. The robbers secured $30 in money, all the silverware, clothing, provisions and other valuables in the house amounting in value to about $700. After partaking of refreshments they loaded their spoils into a wagon and drove off. The family were released by a neighbor who chanced to call the next morning. The matter is in the hands of the proper authorities, but no trace of the thieves has been found. The alarming frequency of these masked burglaries would seem to require that something more than ordinary measures be taken to ferret out the perpetrators.”

Source: Evening Journal, Albany, NY, December 14, 1876.

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