Friday, January 7, 2011

Museum Wish List

Wish List— newer model dehumidifier,8 1/2 x 11 photo paper, power strip with circuit breaker, and we can always use stamps.

Calling all GE Employees and GE Retirees

Calling all GE Employees and GE Retirees
We are registered with the GE Foundation employee matching program. The GE Foundation will match GE Employee’s and GE Retiree’s donations to the Museum. We ask that GE Employees remember the Museum when donating to their favorite non-profit agency. Contact the GE Foundation to let them know about your donation.

Village Officials Support Museum

Village Officials Support Museum
The Museum received a stipend of $1,200 from the Village of Waterford to help with general operating expenses. The Village also sponsored the Concert Under the Stars and the Marching Band for the Heritage Day parade! Many of the wonderful events and programs would not be possible without the support of the Village of Waterford.
Thank You Village of Waterford!

NYCH Grant for $2,500 for Irish Exhibit Planning

NYCH Grant for $2,500 for Irish
Exhibit Planning

We are proud to announce that we have received a New York Council for the Humanities mini-grant for $2,500 to help pay for the planning costs for our upcoming Irish exhibit. The money will be used to help pay for Aine Leader-Nagy to continue on as our Lead Researcher for the exhibit. Her main tasks will be compiling the research, script development and assisting with the writing and editing of the exhibit script. As part of the script development we continue to collect information, oral histories, historic photographs and objects that will be used to help illustrate the lives of Waterford’s Irish community.
Our research phase for this project began in May of 2010 and will continue through the Fall. So far, a majority of the work has been done by Aaron Robinson. Aaron, currently a student in the UAlbany Public History Graduate Program, served as a full-time intern this past summer and will continue to volunteer to help see the project through to completion. He has been a tremendous help and has done an excellent job!

Museum Receives $4,900 NYSCA Grant

Museum Receives $4,900
For New Online Exhibit and Resource Database for our
Immigrant Series. Details to come soon.

Science and Technology Lecture Series Continues

The Waterford Historical Museum and Cultural Center proudly announces our new Science and Technology Lecture Series. Enjoy splendid food, fascinating facts, great conversation and engaging company though the Fall and Winter at 7pm on the second Thursday of every month in Waterford. Registration starts at 6:30pm and food and drink will be available for purchase all evening.
Get out of the house, come out of the cold and enjoy an evening of great food and conversation at our new Science and Technology Lecture Series.
On January 13th, Dr JB Goss, Waterford Resident, Clinician, Scientist and Author will present a talk on dreams. What happens when we sleep? What have scientists learned about sleep? Do dreams have meaning? If so how do you interpret them? How do we differentiate real facts from fiction about sleep? Learn all of this and more.

Upcoming Topics-
• NEXT WEEK- January 13, 2011: Sleep and Dreaming, What do my dreams mean? Dr. J.B. Goss, Clinician & Scientist at the Broad Street CafĂ©, 7pm.
• February, 10, 2011: The mid-nineteenth century disappearance of a young man. Paul Schneider, Independent Historian. At McGrievey’s, 7pm.
• March, 10, 2011: Ask the Wildlife Pathologist. Q&A on nature, wild animals and our environment. Ward Stone, State Wildlife Pathologist. At McGrievey’s, 7pm.