Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesdays at 10

Tuesdays at 10 program series Each program starts at 10:00am on the date indicated, at the Museum. Cost to attend each program:
$5/member $6/general public

October 29th, 10am
Public Health & Medicine in Rensselaer County, 1860-1960.
As industry and transportation systems boomed in Rensselaer County after the Civil War, rising population numbers, overcrowded housing, poor sanitation and an overtaxed fresh water supply presented a dangerous risk to public health and exposed a need for partnerships between government agencies, medical personnel and social services. Join Rensselaer County Historian Kathy Sheehan, the woman behind Rensselaer County Historical Society's current exhibit, For the Public Good: Health & Medicine in Rensselaer County, 1860-1960, as she shares her research into the history of this important subject.

November 12th, 10am
Director's Choice: Collection Show and Tell
Only a small percentage of Waterford Historical Museum and Cultural Center's large object collection is on public display at any given time. Ever wonder what else the museum has in its collection? Take this rare opportunity to sit down with Director Brad Utter as he shares his knowledge about an assortment of handpicked objects from the museum's collection and satisfy that curiosity.
December 3rd, 10am
Stories from Stone

The saying goes, dead men tell no tales, but historians beg to differ. While the dead can no longer tell their stories, many have left clues to their lives behind. Sometimes all it takes is a single grave stone to begin the journey to rediscovering a life once lived. Become acquainted with several of Waterford Rural Cemetery's long dead residents, and learn how historical research gives real meaning to that other saying, gone but not forgotten. 

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