Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fire Company Records Become part of Museum Collection

Two incredible sets of records have recently been donated to the Museum. One is a ledger book from the Knickerbocker Steamer Company, which includes company records from 1843-1851. This book was thought to be lost forever and was found in a basement in Northside! It was donated by Timothy Stuto.

The other is a set of company record books from F.B. Peck Hose covering 1892 through 1953! These books were donated by F.B. Peck Hose to the Museum. Thank you to both Timothy Stuto and Peck Hose for enriching our collection and knowledge of Waterford’s past!

More to come in upcoming newsletters about these items. Don’t forget to check out our new exhibit exploring Waterford’s rich firefighting legacies!

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